2011 Graduate -
The new application and guidelines are not on this page yet. Please continue to check back for 2011 applications and requirements


Here is your information on how to apply and be eligible for one of SIX Scholarships to be given this year:
Deadline for Scholarship applications for 2010 is February 28, 2009

Download your application here:

To download, click on the document then click on the small printer icon in the upper RIGHT corner of the document.
Please be patient, it takes a few minutes to process and print.

Scholarships available to qualified applicants are:
  • 1 - $10,000 in name of Rebecca A Armbrester Challender
  • 1- $10,000 in name of Kelly Ann Newsome Gaither
  • 1 - $10,000 in name of Diane Carr
  • 1 - $1,000
  • 1 - $1,000
  • 1 - $1,000

The scholarship Committee is over all aspects of scholarship requirements and guidelines of the scholarship application process, awarding procedures and follow up after scholarships have been awarded. All scholarship applications will be judged by an independent set of three (3) judges who will not know the who the applicant is. Your application must meet minimum requirements such as being filled out completely and neatly. We will also announce other requirements that must be meet to be eligible when applications are released. All scholarship recipients will also have rules and regulations to follow after being awarded a scholarship to be able to maintain receiving the scholarship money.

For Future Graduates; The time to start is now !

Some of the requirements for being considered for a WEF scholarship are as follows, so it is time for you to start working on getting these requirements out of the way early. We would recommend you start in at least the 10th grade if not sooner.
  • You have to take some sort of Financial planning course. There are several ways to accomplish this. See the guidance counselor our a teacher to get ideas of courses.
  • You have to do community service hours. Keep documentation of any community service hours given and have a representative or teacher sign off for these hours so that when it comes time to turn them in, you have it ready.
  • Show good school spirit
  • Do your very best with your studies so that your grades will be good
  • When you become a senior, come and fill out the application. When filling out the application, be thorough with all your answers, be neat, and get it turned in on time. If your application does not look good and is not filled out properly and completely, it WILL be disqualified.